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Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling, or concrete coring, is the process of drilling round holes through concrete structures such as walls, floors, ceiling, roads, bridges. For large core drilling the core (or cylinder) of concrete is removed from the rest of the structure. Diameters of the core can range from very small to more than 1,000mm.

Core Drilling can be used for the following applications:

  • Electrical Services – Conduit, HVAC, Security, Comms
  • Plumbing – Drainage, Piping
  • Manholes
  • Surface and structural testing
  • Dowel Drilling
  • Runway/Taxiway Lighting

Who We Are

We offer our clients specialised core drilling services. The needs for concrete core drilling can be many and varied and we have many happy clients from commercial, civil, industrial and domestic sectors.

We offer our clients specialised core drilling services (a process of drilling perfectly round holes through concrete walls, floors and ceilings). These services are used mainly for commercial, civil, industrial and domestic purposes such as electrical and plumbing projects. Our versatile drilling capabilities allow for us to drill in any position, including vertically, horizontally, inclined at single or compound angles and even inverted.

Like many concrete cutting services, diamond drills are utilised to allow for cutting through a wide variety of materials. Concrete core cutting can be applied to concrete, natural stone, brick and even asphalt. Structures within the concrete or closely positioned to the concrete can also be drilled like steel beams and other structural material.

Core drilling rigs generally comprise of a drill (pneumatic, hydraulic or electric), surface mount, vacuum extraction and water supply for cooling and flushing.

For larger core drilling requirements wire saws can be used to achieve the desired diameter. While these wire saws can operate very differently to conventional core drilling equipment the result is largely the same.

Core Drilling concrete creates clean holes in structural concrete walls, floors, and roofs that do not require post processing clean-up.

Specialist Core Drilling Services:

Our diverse and versatile range of equipment enables drilling of any width and depth. No matter the objective we can core in any position, including vertically, horizontally, inclined at single or compound angles and even inverted.

Whatever hole you need, whatever concrete core drilling service, we have you covered. Complex builds, tight timelines and after hours work are all part of our offering.



Safety is paramount to who we are and is never compromised. Under no circumstances will we proceed with an unsafe job or work in unsafe conditions. We adhere to all onsite safety requirements and directions. For smaller jobs we operate under our safety procedures. Our machines, tools and equipment are maintained within or beyond recommended maintenance guidelines.

We hold all necessary and up to date certificates, training and qualifications required to deliver you a professional concrete cutting job every time.

Other Concrete Cutting Services


Concrete Floor Sawing

Concrete floor sawing is the most common concrete cutting method. Typically used for concrete cutting applications where there are horizontal flat surfaces.

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning prevents costly mistakes when cutting or coring. A professional concrete scan will highlight all of the hidden features below the surface.


Concrete Core Drilling

Core drilling is the process of drilling or coring any concrete object or surface. Commonly used for openings for services.


Concrete Wall Sawing

Wall sawing can be performed vertically, horizontally or inverted. Depths can be over 600mm and at any angle to the surface.


Concrete Polishing

Add an amazing finish to any concrete surface. A cost effective option for enhancing concrete floors and surfaces.


Soff Cutting

Soff cutting prevents and controls cracking. Achieve desired quality levels and manage concrete stresses. Apply unique patterns for a superior finished product.

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