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Concrete Scanning

Without concrete scanning it is virtually impossible to know what is hidden beneath the concrete surface. Even with recent construction plans there is no guarantee that the underlying artefacts are where you think they are. Without this critical information costly mistakes can be made. Concrete scanning allows you to uncover these hidden features and make highly detailed and highly accurate plans. This will minimise your risks when cutting, coring, or making any modifications to the concrete structure.

Typical Applications for Concrete Scanning:

  • Detection of Reinforcing Steel and tension cables
  • Preparation for concrete wall sawing.
  • Preparation for concrete floor sawing.
  • Preparation for concrete coring.
  • Locating Embedded Electrical and Communication Services
  • Locating Embedded Plumbing Services
  • Concrete Assessment
  • Detecting and locating voids, honeycombing and unfilled areas

Who We Are

A scan is only as useful as the information and knowledge that is extracted from that scan. Our concrete scanning experts use the latest technology and imaging techniques to identify, locate and communicate where those hidden objects lie.

Modern concrete scanning technology allows for the detection of metallic and non-metallic objects in real time. Meaning that even the most unusual object will now be detected. Specialist sensors can be utilised for live wire detection.

There are several concrete scanning tools available for finding objects in concrete. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the most common and generally the most effective. GPR is safe and non-destructive.

GPR works by sending Electromagnetic signals into the concrete and the resultant signals and reflections are analysed to identify and locater objects within the concrete structure. It is safe to use even with thick concrete, and unlike X-ray methods, it does not expose the users to any radiation and does not require access to both sides of the structure.

Single surface scans provide all the data that is required to detect mesh, voids, reinforcing steel and post tension cables as well as other substances that are hidden in the concrete. Both 2D and 3D maps can be created to highlight where the objects are.

We specialise in finding:

  • Reinforcing steel, mesh and tension cables
  • Locating Embedded Electrical and Communication Services
  • Locating Embedded Plumbing and Gas Services
  • Concrete Assessment – for detecting concrete quality issues. Detecting and locating voids, honeycombing and unfilled areas.


People familiar with x-ray scanning often ask us about GPR radiation. The power output from the GPR scanner is extremely low energy and less than a standard mobile phone. There are no radiation health concerns for workers, residents, or the public from GPR concrete scanning.

Safety is paramount to who we are and is never compromised. Under no circumstances will we proceed with an unsafe job or work in unsafe conditions. We adhere to all onsite safety requirements and directions. For smaller jobs we operate under our safety procedures. Our machines, tools and equipment are maintained within or beyond recommended maintenance guidelines.

We hold all necessary and up to date certificates, training and qualifications required to deliver you a professional concrete cutting job every time.

Other Concrete Cutting Services


Concrete Floor Sawing

Concrete floor sawing is the most common concrete cutting method. Typically used for concrete cutting applications where there are horizontal flat surfaces.

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning prevents costly mistakes when cutting or coring. A professional concrete scan will highlight all of the hidden features below the surface.


Concrete Core Drilling

Core drilling is the process of drilling or coring any concrete object or surface. Commonly used for openings for services.


Concrete Wall Sawing

Wall sawing can be performed vertically, horizontally or inverted. Depths can be over 600mm and at any angle to the surface.


Concrete Polishing

Add an amazing finish to any concrete surface. A cost effective option for enhancing concrete floors and surfaces.


Soff Cutting

Soff cutting prevents and controls cracking. Achieve desired quality levels and manage concrete stresses. Apply unique patterns for a superior finished product.

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